Long Pond

Founded in 1753, Long Pond is a sugar estate and distillery in the Jamaican Parish of Trelawny, which is also home to Hampden Estate. Back then, Long Pond was just one of many sugar estates, the majority of which have been shut down or consolidated over the course of history due to falling sugar prices. These consolidations led to larger and larger areas of sugar cane owned by the surviving sugar estates. Today, Long Pond Distillers Limited is part of National Rums of Jamaica (NRJ) while the Long Pond Sugar Estate, together with Hampden Estate, has been bought by the Hussey family in 2009. The Long Pond distillery had to close in 2012 due to leakages at their dunder storage tanks. Pictures of the distillery suggest that commencing production would require massive repairs and investments. While the word is that NRJ is debating a reopening of the distillery, it is not clear if and when this will actually take place. Hampden, which has been closed in 2002, was eventually reopened after the Hussey family bought the estate. Whether Long Pond might follow the same path is unclear, however. As it stands right now, we seem to have lost another important piece of rum history. Let’s hope for the best.

Matt Pietrek let me know that Long Pond has apparently resumed operation earlier this year and that they already started some fermentations

Besides a column still, Long Pond has two pot stills. Most of the rums that found their way to Europe and that have been bottled with the Long Pond tag on them come from one of them. Why do I emphasise the latter point? Long Pond is not a proper brand as the distillery doesn’t bottle its own rum. All rum produced by them is sold in bulk to brokers and private companies, who in turn might resell it again. Only a tiny fraction of their produce makes it to independent bottlers. The rest goes into cheap blends, the German “Rumverschnitt” (which isn’t even actual rum) and into things such as baking extract or perfume.


  • Berry Bros & Rudd Jamaica (Long Pond) 33YO (1982-2016), 57%
  • Bristol Long Pond 13YO (1985-1998), 46%
  • Compagnie des Indes Long Pond 12YO (2003-2015), 44%
  • Duncan Taylor Long Pond Distillery 13YO (2000-2014), 54,6%
  • Duncan Taylor Long Pond Distillery 15YO (2000-2016), 51,9%
  • Duncan Taylor Long Pond Distillery 16YO (2000-2017), 54,1%
  • MacY Jamaica (Long Pond) 14YO (1992-2006), 45%
  • Moon Import IJHB (Long Pond) 29YO (1983-2012), 46%
  • Plantation Jamaica (Long Pond) 25YO (1986-2011), 42%
  • Robert Watson Jamaica (Long Pond) 26YO (1982-2008), 48%
  • Rumdealer’s Selection Long Pond Distillery 14YO (2000-2014), 63,8%
  • Rum Albrecht LPS Long Pond Single Rum 11YO (1993-2005), 53%
  • Rum Albrecht LPS Long Pond Single Rum 18YO (1993-2012), 53%
  • Rum Nation Supreme Lord VI (Long Pond) 26YO (1986-2012), 45%
  • The Rum Cask Long Pond Estate 13YO (2000-2013), 58,2%
  • The Rum Cask Long Pond Estate 15YO (2000-2016), 62%
  • The Secret Treasures Long Pond 24YO (1986-2000), 40%
  • The Whisky Warehouse Long Pond 14YO (2000-2014), 46%
  • The Whisky Agency (for The Nectar) Jamaica (Long Pond) 35YO (1977-2012), 52,9%