Clarendon Distillery, which is equipped with six pot and three column stills. That makes it Jamaica’s biggest distillery in terms of potential output. More importantly, this also means that the distillery can produce many different styles of rum, e.g. also rums with the highest possible ester concentration. I have yet to try a Continental Flavoured (i.e. a rum with 700-1600 parts of esters per 100.000 parts of alcohol) rum from Monymusk but the mere thought of it stirs my blood. What brings me back down to earth is the fact that one of its makes is responsible for a well know Captain.

  • Berry Bros & Rudd Monymusk (LMDW) 12YO  (2003-2016) 55,4%
  • Duncan Taylor Monymusk 10YO (2003–2013), 53,5%
  • Duncan Taylor Monymusk 12YO (2003-2016), 51,8%
  • Kill Devil Monymusk 12YO (2003-2016), 46%
  • L’Esprit Monymusk 9YO (2007-2017), 67%
  • Moon Import “I Pappagalli” 13YO (Monymusk) (2003-2016), 45%
  • Moon Import “Sugar Estates 1949” 12YO (Monymusk) (2003-2014), 45%
  • Port Royal Monymusk 7YO (1997-2004), 46%
  • Rum Nation Supreme Lord VIII (Monymusk) 25YO (1991-2016), 55,7%
  • Ultimatum Monymusk 9YO (2007-2017), 46%